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FineVu GX30 Dashcam Introduction

FineVu GX30 Dashcam Introduction

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My favourite feature was the audio feature that alerts you when a speed camera is coming up but also tells you when it’s time for a break.  You will also find the auto night vision a great feature as it will adjust the footage quality wherever and whenever your driving or even when parked.

Stephen Watson, WHAT GADGET
May 18, 2021

Installed it a while back. Works great captures everything. Great to protect yourself in case of an idiot driver. This camera will eliminate "no-fault" accidents. Also makes you drive a little better as you know that you are being recorded.

JH LOCK, Customer from Shopee SG
December 3, 2020

The FineVu GX30 Dash Cam has more features than just about any dash camera on the market. From everyday recording to parking mode to lane assistance, this camera does it all. If you want a versatile dual dash cam that offers good video quality and complete coverage, it’s a solid choice. The plug-and-play SD card slot is just icing on the cake.

TechGuru, from NerdyTechy 
April 9, 2021

Great camera, easy to use and install. All the camera settings were easy to locate and functional. The picture clarity is excellent. Great product for the price.

LEXUS TEO,  Customer from Shopee SG
Nov 11, 2020

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